frederick hammersley foundation house

The Frederick Hammersley Foundation is dedicated to furthering Frederick Hammersley’s artistic legacy through charitable activities that expand the public's awareness, appreciation, and understanding of his art and life, and of the cultural and art historical context in which he worked.  The Foundation is also committed to promoting the value of art in the life of the community and to supporting the advancement of artists’ education and creative process, including support for research and scholarships for art students and other practitioners of the arts.

The Foundation's primary mission is to disburse Frederick Hammersley’s estate. Toward that end, our activities focus on placing his artworks in public collections through outright gifts of paintings, works on paper, and works in other media. On occasion the Foundation has funds available for donation to non-profit organizations. These donations are at the complete discretion of the Board of Directors which will request proposals from potential recipients who are being considered for a gift. The Foundation does not accept unsolicited proposals.

A collection of Frederick Hammersley’s artworks is held by the Foundation for the purpose of exhibition, donation, loan, and study, and his home/studio is maintained and made available to the public by appointment. The Foundation is in the process of cataloguing Frederick Hammersley's artworks based on information available in his personal archives and other sources. We welcome information about paintings and works on paper to be considered for inclusion in this documentation. We are also cataloguing all publications in the Foundation’s collection that include reference to Frederick Hammersley’s work and creating a database of his personal library.

Select works from Frederick Hammersley’s estate are available exclusively through L.A. Louver Gallery in Venice, California. Proceeds from sales provide funds to further the Foundation's charitable purposes.

In 2015 the Foundation initiated a means for providing funds to museums and other public institutions for conservation of Frederick Hammersley’s works in their collections.  Further information about this initiative and how to apply for these funds is available here.